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Apr 2, 2010

7 Steps To Lose Weight Permanently

You can not lose weight in a day or two. That is just impossible, but you can lose weight in a week. If you start taking baby steps and gradually build them up you will eventually lose weight. All it takes is commitment to lose weight, dedication, and will. As long as you can have or develop these traits you can lose weight!

Step One: Change your state of mind to match what you want. If you want to lose weight you are going to have to start thinking a lot more positive. Negative thinking will always create negative results. Many people get into this habit the vicious cycle of negative thinking. Create positive thinking and you will create positive results. It is all about your state of mind.

Step Two: Water is an essential liquid to stay healthy, fit, and functional. Start drinking at least 8 glasses a day. This along with positive thinking will ensure that you begin seeing results in week or less. I should also note that you should stop or at the very least stop consuming large quantities of caffeine and soda. They are horrible beverages and are very unhealthy. The sooner you stop the sooner you can start losing weight more quickly.

Step Three: Use your brain for a change and start eating smarter. You can’t only rely on your positive thinking and water to help you lose weight. You have to make some changes to your diet. Start eating healthier foods. The foods you purchase should either be organic or natural as well as contain “whole wheat”. Never eat anything that isn’t whole wheat — bread products and grain products. If it isn’t whole wheat then you are eating processed foods. If it isn’t all natural or organic it is processed!

Step Four: Part of your dieting should be giving up alcohol. Alcohol does nothing for your body at all but destory it little by little. Stop drinking it and start seeing better results quicker and healthier. You will feel so much better if you give up alcohol not to mention the body benefits.

Step Five: When it comes to home cooked meals there is nothing better. Home cooked meals are cheaper then eating out and depending on the ingredients you use can be a lot healthier.  The healthier your meals the more you can eat. Start cooking at home instead of eating out and save money and eat healthier.

Step Six: Start exercising on a daily basis or at the very least exercise four (4) times a week. Exercising is something you have to do to lose weight. You can can’t ignore it because it plays such a large factor in weight loss. You don’t have to become a work-out junkie or anything just create a work-out routine that works for you.

Step Seven: Take an appetite suppressant. If your doctor finds it safe for you to take such medications as Duromine then you should give them a try. Duromine is an appetite suppressant that will reduce your food cravings and make you eat less. This way both your diet and exercise will be way more effective, especially if you are aiming for fast weight loss.

You have seven steps and each step will lead you to losing more weight and more weight. It’s up to you to lose weight. No one can do this for you. You have to take the steps!

Mar 30, 2010

Proven Methods To Lose Weight Quickly

So you have to lose weight quickly and you have to lose it now. Maybe you have a special event coming up or maybe you just want to get in shape for the summer season. Whatever your reason losing weight quickly is possible. You can do it. You just have to have dedication, focus, and above all commitment. Commitment is key if you want to have the body you desire in the timeframe you have. Keep reading for proven methods to lose weight.

Weight loss methods that have been proven to work quickly:

One: Your very first thing you must change to lose weight is your mind set. A negative mind set will always produce negative results. You won’t lose weight, in fact, you may just gain more! Go with the opposite of negativity. Start thinking positively. Positive thoughts will translate into positive results!

Two: You might find the urge to stop eating a meal or two. I do not recommend you do this. Instead of dropping a meal expand them to 6 smaller meals. The smaller the meal the easier it is to digest and consume. With 6 smaller meals you won’t get hungry throughout the day so you won’t snack. You will also have energy through out the day. Granted, you will burn the energy quickly, but that’s the whole point. Your body will also begin to use your extra fat that is stored to rejuvenate itself through out the day.

Three: Dieting is a must. You have to diet if you want to lose weight. Now when I mention dieting I don’t mean starving. The last thing you want to do is starve yourself. Your diet should change from unhealthy foods to healthy foods. That is what a diet should be! I recommend sticking with organic or natural foods. I also recommend that you make vegetables and fruits a bigger part of your diet. They are low in calories and will fill you up much faster.

Four: You want to lose weight then you will have to give up your coffee and soda. Both of those drinks are filled with caffeine and empty calories. Not to mention they are both extremely unhealthy for you. Try some substitutes like water, mineral water, flavored water, or even carbonated water. You can also try some juices too. Remember to keep the juices concentrated or pasteurized.

Five: You can’t get away with out working-out. It is simply an impossibility. You have to have a basic work-out routine in place to lose weight. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult or hard. You can start off with some basic push-ups and sit-ups. You just have to sweat and feel the burn for about 45 minutes. Remember to always stretch before you work out. The more you stretch the less likely you are to hurt yourself.

Losing weight quickly is possible if you just use the above methods. Put them into action and start seeing your weight drop. If the don’t work for you, or you don’t have the time (too lazy) just buy duromine (phentermine) weight loss pills.



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