Apr 16, 2010

Buy Duromine Online Without Prescription

Before I start my success story, I want to clarify something. There are many people that consider Duromine pill as Duromine pill and Phentermine pill as Phentermine pill, they think that the pills are different. Well, I’m saying you now the truth: Phentermine and Duromine pills are same pills, not similar, they are same pills. Just some pharmacy companies called them with different names and pack them in different packages, because in some countries, Duromine pills (Phentermine) are more popular with different Trade names. For example in USA more famous is Phentermine, while in Australia more popular is Duromine. Here is one prove To clarify this more clear, Duromine is a brand name for a generic drug called Phentermine. The main purpose of this product is to suppress your desire to eat a lot of food. What it does is it helps you lose weight by suppressing any of your cravings for food. When you buy Duromine and start your medication, know that it is not suggested for long-term medication. It is important to know that as you buy Duromine online and start medication, it is designed only for short-term use.

You can employ various methods in your attempt to lose weight. Some people have bought every thinkable exercise machine available to help them, while others prefer new methods. Surgery is also one option to lose all excessive body fat. In spite of competition, one weight loss supplement that has survived popular throughout the years is the diet pill.

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. Let me start off at the beginning by saying that I was a fat person for 17 years, since I was a child. I’d tried so many diets and physical trainings up countless times but could never loss more than 15 pounds and than back to normal – 235 pounds. It was like there was a rope always pulling me back. I just couldn’t loose permanently my fat. Do you know the feeling?

I desperately wanted to loose weight for my health and for my look. Plus I constantly breathed out when I climbed stairs or hard to move early in the mornings. I decided to give a shot and to buy  Phentermine. I bought it from Online Pharmacy( if you want to see the link CLICK HERE ).

Another good thing about that pharmacy is that they offer free doctor consultation and do not require previous  phentermine prescription. Yes, they sell phentermine without prescription.

Got the pills 10 days later without any problems, they were shipped in discreet package. The only side effect I have experienced thus far is a nasty taste in my mouth and COMPLETE LOSS OF APPETITE!!!!!!! which is great. I cut out the sodas a month before I started taking phentermine and I started walking around that same time. I know that phentermine pill works with no exercise and little change in diet, but I also know that if I don’t change my lifestyle I will gain every pound back. I also think the lifestyle change is the key to ultimate success (not gaining the weight back after going off the pill). Fast results are what everyone wants with any product but its gonna have to be our jobs to take advantage. Believe me guys Phentermine pills are really helping to lose weight. After one week I had lost 5 pounds. After a month I was lost 22 pounds from my weight. I was really astonished when on the 3rd month from my Phentermine diet I was lost the amazing 54 pounds. I’ve reached my goal and I feel great now! 🙂


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Apr 2, 2010

7 Steps To Lose Weight Permanently

You can not lose weight in a day or two. That is just impossible, but you can lose weight in a week. If you start taking baby steps and gradually build them up you will eventually lose weight. All it takes is commitment to lose weight, dedication, and will. As long as you can have or develop these traits you can lose weight!

Step One: Change your state of mind to match what you want. If you want to lose weight you are going to have to start thinking a lot more positive. Negative thinking will always create negative results. Many people get into this habit the vicious cycle of negative thinking. Create positive thinking and you will create positive results. It is all about your state of mind.

Step Two: Water is an essential liquid to stay healthy, fit, and functional. Start drinking at least 8 glasses a day. This along with positive thinking will ensure that you begin seeing results in week or less. I should also note that you should stop or at the very least stop consuming large quantities of caffeine and soda. They are horrible beverages and are very unhealthy. The sooner you stop the sooner you can start losing weight more quickly.

Step Three: Use your brain for a change and start eating smarter. You can’t only rely on your positive thinking and water to help you lose weight. You have to make some changes to your diet. Start eating healthier foods. The foods you purchase should either be organic or natural as well as contain “whole wheat”. Never eat anything that isn’t whole wheat — bread products and grain products. If it isn’t whole wheat then you are eating processed foods. If it isn’t all natural or organic it is processed!

Step Four: Part of your dieting should be giving up alcohol. Alcohol does nothing for your body at all but destory it little by little. Stop drinking it and start seeing better results quicker and healthier. You will feel so much better if you give up alcohol not to mention the body benefits.

Step Five: When it comes to home cooked meals there is nothing better. Home cooked meals are cheaper then eating out and depending on the ingredients you use can be a lot healthier.  The healthier your meals the more you can eat. Start cooking at home instead of eating out and save money and eat healthier.

Step Six: Start exercising on a daily basis or at the very least exercise four (4) times a week. Exercising is something you have to do to lose weight. You can can’t ignore it because it plays such a large factor in weight loss. You don’t have to become a work-out junkie or anything just create a work-out routine that works for you.

Step Seven: Take an appetite suppressant. If your doctor finds it safe for you to take such medications as Duromine then you should give them a try. Duromine is an appetite suppressant that will reduce your food cravings and make you eat less. This way both your diet and exercise will be way more effective, especially if you are aiming for fast weight loss.

You have seven steps and each step will lead you to losing more weight and more weight. It’s up to you to lose weight. No one can do this for you. You have to take the steps!



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